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This was a good article. I just recently found your blog and also Blood of the Levant, which I just ordered on Amazon and look forward to reading when it arrives.

I hear a lot of this on YouTube programs like Fresh and Fit. A lot of 'women' these days say that they want a traditional man whilst they balk at being traditional women. I think that another reason for this might be that they want a guy that they have to worry about less in terms of his fidelity or bad habits such as drinking or pornography.

Meanwhile, as modern women, they retain the right to continue going clubbing with their girlfriends and also to discreetly continue seeking validation from strange men online. For whatever odd reason, they claim that all of these things have to do with 'female empowerment' despite the fact that there never seems to be any obvious power in it.

I'm currently somewhere in between Christianity and Islam in my personal beliefs. I see merits in both. The thing that pains me the most about modern Christianity here in the US is that most churches are infested with pop culture, Feminism and woke ideology. American churches have gone flaccid, some to the point of complete impotence.

I do hope that American Masjid and Dawah centers do not make the same mistake.

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Being a normal, functional man is a crime in this Western civilization built upon ugliness, resentment, and dysfunction. Victimization, weakness, and learned helplessness are promoted by every significant organization.

To accept this ethos is to embrace a lifetime of weakness, shame, and misery.

That's not a reason to blackpill. Or despair.

Romance is still possible. You can still find love, raise a family, and be an aspirational man who feels pride when you look in the mirror. But all of us should understand that we are implicit criminals, because natural desires have been outlawed in favor of something artificial and monstrous.

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Women of course are unreliable, and very little they say should be taken seriously. They don't understand themselves, and their opinions conform to the dominant culture of their community.

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