Email me, Avdullah. I like your writing and I might have something for you.

-The Muslim Cowboy

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"" We live in a time today where exclusively-male spaces are becoming a thing of the past. ""


But these spaces still exist & thrive. Go to the Fight Gym near you & there will be classes (especially the early morning 5-6 am ones) that have zero girls.

Ultimately; men have to take responsibility & recognize that their faulty leadership "got them here". The girls are simply conforming to social norms & mores (as they have done historically).

And so one of the prerequisites of "getting out" of said situation is to (at the individual level first) build & become a man worthy of leadership.

Fitness, Finances, Faith, etc are key focal points of improvement. And if one is serious enough, he will find several Men-Only spaces if he does his homework properly.

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This is true and written very well. I couldn't have described it any better. It reminds when some sisters would say don't hurt the fargorts or 9ay and all I said was they spread monkeypox. Some of those from YassQueen institute have very soft responses I have seen them on Twitter. Looking forward to the next issue of your magazine.The rise of the hoejabi should be it's own article or mention.

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