Interesting to read about parallel dynamics in Muslim communities as a non-Muslim immigrant Asian male. I've thought about this issue a lot (from a different perspective, obviously) and one thing I find very surprising is how each "ethnic group" seems to have their own "Red Pill" type of community (suggesting that men are facing considerable difficulties across all demographic groupings).

When I was younger, and less politically informed, growing up during GWOT and reading IDW-types like Sam Harris were very toxic influences on me, psychologically. As I've grown older I've come see that all immigrant communities get this type of political treatment insofar as their base populations abroad are seen as geopolitical enemies.

I see that you're a novelist as well. I think you will find plenty to disagree with in my theory of liberal assimilationism (perhaps it will be very basic from your perspective), but I think you might find it interesting nonetheless.

I wrote some general observations about Muslim assimilation and how it indirectly explains (the very low quality) of Asian-American PoC literary fiction here: https://www.decentralizedfiction.com/p/asian-american-literature-is-boring

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