This is mind-blowing...in a most excellent way! The scourge of neo-liberalism -- standing for nothing -- is what's destroying the West. Everything that's messed up in the world right now should be seen through the prism of this blog and the video clip, including the mainstream terrible takes on Ukraine/Russia. Keep pushing back against the misanthropic and ignorant illiberal Liberals! I was born 'conservative' ideologically and am Jewish. But if I had to choose teams, between a leftist group of my own religion and a conservative/right group of Muslims or Christians... I wouldn't even blink.

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Mar 31, 2022Liked by Abdullah

I don’t know any of the parties involved here but with ramadan coming up dude you really need to take a break, touch some grass. As a woman I understand the feminists are insane but when you find yourself defending tate of all people, you really should question yourself.

Though you did say you have been following him for a while, ‘even though your lifestyle choices are polar opposites’. Truly don’t understand the fascination, the feminists have their filth and you have yours. If you are trying to guide muslim woman understand that woman aren’t obliged to respect men under all conditions, but it’s a man’s job to protect and guide them. Women are different than men and maybe you should try to understand where they’re coming from to better convey your message. Calling them evil is not a winning move, more flies with honey etc

I understand this is going to come off as very holier than thou but that’s not my intention, and as someone that tries to correct my muslim sisters I just wanted to convey that this behavior from our brother’s side just makes it harder. I do apologize if this is annoying Allah knows I still have a lot of faults too

Happy Ramadan

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May 16·edited May 16

Islam is a far right religion.

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Informed nationalists would know that only a patriarchy would produce enough good strong men to defend the national interest. Only Koranic principles of shaming sluts and slutfuckers with quran.com/24/2 who become unmarried parents would restore the patriarchy now.

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