Saracen Sound
Saracen Sound Episode 4: Basil of Bactria
Saracen Sound Episode 4: Basil of Bactria
Saracen Sound returns. I'm joined by my friend Basil to discuss recent happenings in American Muslim politics; Navigating Differences, Muslim latency in modern culture, and more!


1. Reflection on everything that’s happened since our last podcast on your show: the downfalls and irrelevancy of leftist democrat muzzie class, Navigating Differences, total Sunni victory, reactions.

2. Sudden topic that the GOP now became interested in Muslims as allies in the fight against the LGBT. Astroturfed? Neocon ploy? Did navigating differences play a role?

3. Great American Mind Article by Dragoman.

4. Muslims who need to get up to speed with online culture, dissident right, how to actually do propaganda.

5. Dovetail into QAWWAM: plans to make dissident Muslim writing and culture a thing. Where do we stand in all this?


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