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Nobody is crying for the Yemenis. Nobody is crying for the Libia, Syria , Iraq. Nobody is crying for those who were killed by Azov battalion in Ukraine. Viewers of the CNN, MSNBC, Fox news , do not know that in 21st century are people proudly wearing SS symbols on the uniforms. Their minds are owned by those,who convinced them that American bombs, drones and missiles are bringing democracy and love.

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Great article. Some of us see this for what it is but there is a lot of ignorance out there as we've seen over the last 2 years and obviously, further back than that.

I will say one thing that I observe among my uninformed friends who are glued to the 'TV'. A lot of these people work busy jobs, both husband and wife, they're busy supporting their kids in all kinds of after school activities, they're busy with aging parents, they're busy with their social lives. In other words, they're too busy with all kinds of things to seek out the truth. It's easy to sit down at the end of the day and just tune in to legacy media and let some talking head tell you how it is, even if that's not how it is.

Years ago, an email circulated describing a father who brought a friend home. The friend spoke and acted in ways that the family including dad would have thought scandalous but the family was amused by the friend even though as it turned out, the friend had great influence over the family. The friend turned out to be 'television'. I think you see the moral of the story.

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